Need time to catch up. If there is something in particular that you would like let me know and If I have it made I can ship it. thanks

XL Black Leather Rear fender bib w/turquoise



This leather bib comes down and around the top of the tail light. Makes it more visible from the back of the bike and has longer white hair pipe bones and turquoise and silver beads which really adds some spice to those bikes that are black with black leather. I can also add hairskin in black and white to this and tea stained bones depending on your flavor! I have several options for medallions. I try to use something that I can add the fringe to which covers the rear bolt head. This pictures has the bolt in the leather but as you can see you can’t see it. I can add small conchos where those studs are . Many different options so, contact me and lets talk about. Give me your ideas and I’ve got mine and can let you know about different options that I can do.